"DiamondScreen brings the scratch-resistance, strength, performance, and brilliance of diamond to your favorite device screen."

Smartphone screens are cracking & shattering. Current screen glass technology can’t be made harder or stronger without becoming heavier. The Physical limits of glass have been met. Nanomaterials can be integrated making the existing glass stronger, harder & more light weight.

Since Debuting The World's 1st Diamond Smartphone Screen in 2017, We've Evolved Our DiamondScreen Technology For The Highest Tier of Consumer Electronics Display Applications. The Resultant Structures Show Dramatic Improvement To Performance, Reliability, and Asthetics, With Third-Party Testing Verifying Miraj Diamond® Glass Performance >6x Stronger, >10x Harder, & Running over 800x Cooler Than Leading Flagship Competitor Glass.

Comparing glass smartphone screens from 2017 to 2020
Anything glass can do, diamond does better.

DiamondScreen Has Been Developed For A Wide Variety of Commercial Display Glass Types

Including chemically-hardened aluminosilicate (e.g. Corning Gorilla Glass®), ceramic glass (e.g. Corning Ceramic Shield®), BK-7, & more--specifically targeting the needs of smartphone, wearable, automotive and Virtual Reality (VR/AR) systems. The end result? Displays which are harder, stronger, & thinner while running cooler to the touch, all with the brilliance and beauty of real diamond.

Beyond Glass: Hydrophobic/Oleophobic & Anti-Reflective Capability

The typical smartphone display module has several layers in addition to the typical cover glass. Apart from being one of the hardest substances on Earth, AKHAN DiamondScreen multilayer materials can also repel water & surface oils without needing an additional oleophobic coating typical of phone materials like Gorilla Glass®. In addition, DiamondScreen multilayer materials deliver unparalleled transmissivity, with integrated anti-reflective layer. Contact us to learn more about our innovations & capabilities for your display glass application.

Raising the bar on break resistance

DiamondScreen Optics

"Diamond has known advantageous materials properties coupled with high optical transmittance over a broad wavelength range, making diamond an ideal protective coating material for optical components used in extreme environments."

Ultra-hard. Thermal conductivity higher than any other known material. Thermal Shock Robustness 100x that of other optical materials. DiamondScreen Optics materials are critical for mitigating land, sea, air, and space threats delivered with ever increasing velocities, quantities, and accuracies.

AKHAN DiamondScreen Optics deliver the advantageous properties of bulk natural diamond in proprietary thin-films conducive for single & multilayer optical windows, mirrors, and lenses – enabling new capabilities such as enhanced erosion protection in extreme environments such as rain, sand, etc. With high optical transmissivity over broad wavelengths, our materials are well suited for applications ranging from Near UV-Visible to Far Infrared.

AKHAN has unique industry expertise regarding low temperature deposition of large area diamond with near single crystal optical constants on diverse substrates. AKHAN also has a broad intellectual property base including issued and pending patents focused on optics and protective multi-layer antireflective diamond coatings.

Protective Coatings for Directed Energy Weapons (D.E.W) Countermeasure Applications

AKHAN, in collaboration with Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (MFC) division, successfully demonstrated for the US Army, new diamond-based coating technology that will enhance the survivability of manned and unmanned military aircraft systems. The successful tests provide evidence AKHAN’s diamond coating when applied to sensitive control systems and cockpit areas will serve as an effective countermeasure to state-of-the-art directed energy weapons, including electromagnetic and laser energy weapons. Lockheed Martin supplied the testing environment and expertise to simulate the force of these weapons upon coated and uncoated samples.

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Diamond Electronics

"Diamond is known to be the potentially highest performing (Ultimate) semiconductor device material. AKHAN’s Diamond Electronics makes this revolutionary material a reality today."

Silicon, Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride semiconductor devices are hitting limits of speed, density, power handling and operating temperature.

Diamond is known to be the "Ultimate Wide Bandgap semiconductor material" due to its inherent properties. Its ability to conduct heat far surpasses that of materials used on current electronics (five times better than copper, 22 times better than silicon). It also has the unique ability to isolate massive voltages with a small fraction of the material required compared to present technologies. In isolating 10,000V, the amount of diamond needed is 50 times less than that of silicon. These attributes present diamond to be the ideal semiconductor technology.

Pioneering Diamond Semiconductor

Using diamond as a semiconductor material in electronics has many advantages. The comprehensive Diamond Electronics portfolio is at the center of AKHAN’s ability to manufacture next-generation diamond semiconductor technology. The platform enables fabrication of complex devices such as high speed/power transistors, RF, and microwave electronics. The product offering within this platform consists of both passive and active IC device structures. Fabricated devices have been shown to be faster, more efficient, and >1,000x thinner than the state of the art in both diamond and silicon technologies.

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Thermal Management with Integrated Diamond Thin Films

Not diamond-like-carbon (an amorphous material) but phase-pure nanocrysatlline diamond films delivering the bulk-like performance of single crystal thick diamond in ultra-thin wafer scale. The thermal conductivity of Diamond is well-known to exceed that of bulk copper and AKHAN’s Diamond Electronics materials are no exception. With third-party measured thermal conductivity exceeding > 600 W/m-K from less than a micron film, AKHAN Diamond Electronics materials deliver the thermal budget solutions for state-of-the-art devices.

The Company

AKHAN is pioneering diamond solutions for glass, optical and electronic applications and enabling high-volume manufacturing through licensing and technology transfer to industry leaders around the world. We are transforming the world of glass displays, optics, and semiconductors.

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Our Technology

In every industry, silicon, silicon carbide, and gallium nitride materials have been outperformed by AKHAN’s DiamondScreen nanocarbon materials. Our team has pioneered diamond solutions for both optical and electronics applications.

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