More than just jewelry.

AKHAN Semiconductor is ushering in a new era of computing technology with diamonds

Being able to make devices that are thousands of times smaller, millions of times more powerful, and handle big data are essential for not only addressing today's challenges, but for building tomorrow's technologies.

Diamond is unmatched in its ability to diffuse heat, perform as a semiconductor, and create smaller and more powerful electronics. Until now, we've been constrained by the physical limitations of silicon, but the "Diamond Age" begins here with AKHAN. Our new process of manufacturing perfect diamonds out of methane gas lifts the barrier of affordability in diamond-based electronics, and we’re not stopping there. We'll nurture new technological advancements in major core industries.


Consumer Electronics

Military & Defense



The global leader in diamond semiconductor technology.

Through the use of proprietary diamond semiconductor technologies, we are transforming the world of electronics.

The Company

Formed in early 2013, The primary aim of AKHAN Semiconductor is the development and manufacture of next generation Nanocrystalline & Polycrystalline Diamond (NCD/PCD) based materials and devices by leveraging AKHAN's research and developed technologies.

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The comprehensive Miraj Diamond® platform opens the ability to manufacture next generation diamond semiconductor technology. The platform enables fabrication of complex devices such as high speed/power transistors, RF, and microwave electronics.

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The company, technology and its creator have drawn a lot of attention. We've already made splashes in Bloomberg Business, Forbes' "30 under 30", and Chicago BusinessWire, among others. See who's talking about us.

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